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Project Management Plan Cst 640 Police Department Project 1 Investigation Project Plan

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Project Management Plan

CST 640 Police Department Project 1

Investigation Project Plan

University of Maryland University College

Digital Forensics Technology and Practices

CST 640

October 12, 2018

Table of Contents

Introduction        3

Criminal Investigation        3

Search Warrant        3

Chain of Custody        4

Electronic Evidence        4

Authority to investigate        4

Investigative team        4

Forensics Readiness        5

Forensic ToolKit Hardware/Software        5

People        6

Budget        6

Project Management Approach        7

Project Scope        7

Milestone List        8

Work Breakdown Structure        8

Communications Management Plan        8

Project Scope Management Plan        9

Reporting Requirements        10

Conclusion        10

References        10

Appendix A        12

Appendix B        15

Appendix C        16


The field of computer forensics is constantly evolving.  It is a combination of law and computer science that involves the practice of gathering and examining data from computer systems, networks, storage, mobile and other Information Technology (IT) devices in a way that will hold up as evidence in a court of law.  The Cyber Security Institute (Singh, 2016, p. 2) defines Computer Forensics as “The preservation, identification, extraction, interpretation, and documentation of computer evidence, to handle the rules of evidence, reporting of information found, and providing expert opinion in a court of law or other legal and/or administrative proceeding as to what was found.”  Investigators are responsible for preserving, identifying, extracting, analyzing, and documenting computer evidence, to include the rules of evidence, legal processes, integrity of evidence, and reporting of the information found. CST 640 Police Department is responsible for conducting forensic investigations to support a number of different computer related crimes.  The following project plan is in place to ensure a repeatable process in in place and to ensure all steps are taken so findings can be presented in a court of law.  


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