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Integration Project Management Plan

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Integrated Project Management Plan


February 9, 2015

Project Charter

A project charter or definition, as mentioned by Horine (2014) is a chart which lists the general deliverables, scope, reason, and who is doing what for this project (p. 50).  The major components include Purpose, Goals and Objectives, Success Criteria, Project Context, Project Dependencies, Scope Specifications, Out-of-Scope Specifications, Assumptions, Constraints, Risks, Stakeholders and Recommended Project Approach (Horine, pp. 50-52).  

The purpose of this project is developing a customer management system for a retail store.  As previously discussed in Michael Kennedy’s week one project, the goal of this project customer management system will track the in-store purchases of customers in order to build out better focused sales and marketing for these customers and build up a database of those customers to better meet their needs and goals while shopping here.   Ultimately this will be the success criteria.  This customer service platform will need link credit cards, purchases and customer information to a database for easy searching, extra data entry and the ability to sort through for those interested in one particular area, which may be the major sale or focus for that time period.

Contextually, this project will not be running concurrent with any other project in the company.  There are some dependencies in that the database will be solely for in store purchases and may be able to pull data from those customers that have used online purchases to better target those customers.    

The major scope of the project is this database.  There will need to be major components constructed and ultimately linked.  These components are the customer management database filled with personal identifiable information (PII) for each customer.  This PII will be utilized to build this database and ultimately link to the sales that are taking place within the store.  The credit card will not necessarily need to be stored if some PII can be linked to that previously linked credit card, like say email, phone number or something identifiable and fairly unique.  Once that information is pulled up, the sale can be entered into that database, linked to the person and then those previous sales and sessions can be utilized for those targeted sales and opportunities in later customer interactions.

Potential out of scope issues can be the development of this customer management system.   It is overall, a database of linked information to be shared and utilized for targeted sales and get linkable customer information to determine future sales opportunities.  Misusing the gathered information can fall into areas for upselling a customer from one model to another more expensive mode.   The new customer management system is strictly for developing those links and creating the opportunity at the register to create those links and utilize that information in the future.  Understanding those links on the project management side, will help create a more distinct product that is more targeted and not as broad as a strict database of PII and purchase alone.


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