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Project Management Paper

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Team creation can also be regarded as team building in which a group of

people share common interest in the achievement of a specific goal .

Teams work on task and process . In the creation of a team , a series of

developmental stages is undergone .

Membership in a team depends on the ability of an individual to

contribute towards the realization of the team 's objective . Members of

a team must have an in-depth comprehension , along with commitment , of

the goal which is being pursued . Each team member must be able to work

harmoniously with the rest in order to achieve the goal effectively .

To improve a team 's effectiveness to achieve its desired goal , Maroney (2004 , 3 ) listed four strategies . First , the mission of the team must

be clarified . He emphasized that , ''mission is the team 's reason for

being - its purpose ' Accordingly , every person in the team ''must

know its mission , can articulate that mission , and understands the role

they play in fulfilling the mission (Maroney , 2004 , 5 . Second , team

goals must be set . These goals should be well-defined . Having stated

that a team 's mission is the entire reason for its existence , goals

should be established in a way that the mission is satisfied . Not only

should goals be specific and well-defined but also , goals goals should be

measurable . The term measurable may mean that for each goal ,

corresponding values


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