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Imt Project Management Group Assignment

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IMT Project Management Group Assignment

Given below is a list of projects for group assignment. Students in Sections A, C, D, and E will divide themselves into a total of 20 groups i.e. 5 groups per Section. Each group will select a project for study and give a written report of their findings. The project selected by one group shall not be repeated by any other group and list shall be drawn up of the projects selected by various groups and the list circulated to instructors and other groups for information.

The study should include the objectives of the project, project planning, execution and the benefits achieved vis-a-vis the objectives. The study should also include (as far as possible) project information such as the cost estimate, cost benefit analysis, risk management, execution period, problems during execution, cost and time overrun if applicable, post implementation cash flow and its variance from expectations, etc.

Note: This assignment carries 30 marks. No length of the write-up is specified as it would depend on the project. The teams may first do an initial research on the selected topic, decide on the sub-topics to be included in the write-up and, assign the parts to individuals and finally put the matter together. Marks will be given on the quality of treatment and the written presentation.

The topics for selection are as follows:

1. The Sardar Sarovar Dam Project – Its objectives, its planning and execution including the problems and the current status.

2. The Kashmir Rail Project (linking Kashmir Valley with rest of Indian Rail Network) – The Challenges, the solutions and current status.

3. The Banglore (or Bengaluru) Metro

4. The Taj Expressway – The Project and Problems

5. The


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