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Bandag Inc Project Management

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Executive Summary 2

Bandag Mission Statement 2

Introduction 3

Objectives and Deliverables 4

Project Evaluation Criteria 5

Experiment Details 6

Project Plan 8

Budget 9

Risk Analysis 10

Recommendations 12

Appendix A-1 13

Appendix A-2 14

Appendix B 15

Appendix C 16


Established in 1957, Bandag, Inc. is the world leader in truck tire retreading. As a retread supplier for the commercial trucking industry, Bandag serves fleets through almost 1,000 franchisees in nearly 100 different countries. In North America, the Bandag Strategic Alliance includes over 1,600 sales and service locations that make it possible for fleets to get a high and consistent level of service. Bandag also provides programs, services, information and products that can cover vehicle centric needs from trailer inspections to tire management solutions.

The present case discusses the recent problem that has occurred due to the reduction in sale of “Perfekt tire kit”, manufactured by “Perfekt Tire Products” and distributed by “Bandag, Inc.” The reasons for sales decrease of the Perfekt tire kit are outlined as following:

(1) Competitor’s tire repair kits are easily available to the retail dealers as opposed to Perfekt tire kits that are sent to dealers along with other orders. This problem was immediately addressed by de-linking the Bandag/Perfekt tire repair kit and sending them via Overnight Mercury Express shipping.

(2) The competitor tire repair kits are cheaper than that of Bandag/Perfekt tire kits. The higher price of Bandag/Perfekt tire kit could be justified by demonstrating the superiority of Bandag/Perfekt tire kit over the competitors. However, no hard data was available to prove this claim.

This case discusses a project to obtain comparative data to demonstrate the higher quality of Bandag/Perfekt tire repair product over the tire care product manufactured by Perfekt’s competitors. In this report we present the details


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