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Real-Life Project Management Plan Phase one

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Real-Life Project Management Plan Phase One

Learning Team A

Real-Life Project Management Plan Phase One

              A wedding plan can be an extensive, exhausting, and complicated process that requires time, money, and resources. A successful wedding and reception will be executed within a planned budget and time constraints. However, a disappointing executed project may cause going over the planned budget and falling behind the planned schedule.

              The purpose of this paper is to develop a wedding project management plan. The plan will include a project scope statement, project charter, and work breakdown structure (WBS).  In addition, the plan will include a design of the communication plan identifying the key stakeholder groups, their project information needs, and a table summarizing what information will be produced during the project lifecycle. In addition, a power point presentation will be prepared by illustrating the phase one project deliverables.

Project Scope Statement

Team A is helping John and Mary the bride and groom by planning the entire wedding for them. This wedding is a project with a scheduled objective dealing with: budget, restricted time frame, project management, project team, and deliverables. The project scope of this wedding offers the couple with an occasion that meets their expectations within the agreed budget. The following deliverables will be identified in the agreement in terms of assisting the couple with (Heldman & Heldman, 2007):

  • The wedding attire
  • The type of invitations
  • The type of ceremony
  • Location search for the reception according to couple’s request  including the food menu and entertainment(music), decoration, video of the ceremony and reception
  • The type of wedding to offer their invitees
  • The honeymoon and travelling accommodation


  1. Deciding on the date and  location: food reception, decoration, music, and video confirmation
  2. Managing the invitees
  3. Attire confirmation
  4. Honeymoon and travelling accommodation confirmation

Limits and Exclusions

  • The wedding will be funded and planned according to the expectation mentioned in the contract

Customer Review and Acceptance

        John and Mary’s signature

Project Charter

The wedding project charter authorizes the project manager to establish the goals and objectives of the project. The benefit of the project charter is to facilitate the understanding among all the wedding stakeholders in terms of service deliverables during the duration of the project( Kerzner,2006).

The Project Charter identifies the following:

  • Scope
  • Timeline
  • Objective
  • Success Criteria
  • Responsibilities of the team
  • Project Assumptions
  • Open Issues
  • Milestones

Project Name: John’s and Mary’s Wedding

Date: July 2, 2014


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