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Mgt 330 - Management Planning - Boeing

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Management Planning- Boeing

Constance Lima-Gonzalez


March 7,2011

Pete Stein

Management Planning- Boeing

The largest aerospace company and producer of aircrafts for the military and commercial aircrafts is The Boeing Corporation. Boeing, acquiring a joint interest with Lockheed Martin (a global security company) in The United States Alliance, is the primary contractor for NASA's Space Shuttle operations since 1981 (Lockheed Martin, 2007). In this paper the subject will be the planning management function and what influences Boeing's ethical, legal, and social responsibilities. This paper will describe the influencing factors in Boeing's, tactical, operational, contingency, and strategic planning. Boeing's vision is People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace leadership (Boeing, 2010) and how they progress is by running a healthy business, putting their strengths into new products and services (Boeing, 2010).

Boeing has a first-rate planning strategy and has become the leading aerospace company for this reason. Many factors have to be taken into consideration including the typical planning, leading, organizing, and controlling because of the enormous size of the company. Boeing is so big because of the company applying the four functions of management, particularly the first, planning. Planning will include situation evaluation, what needs will be anticipated for the future, determining department objectives, activities concerning the company, what are the company's strategies and what resources Boeing will need to reach their goals (Boeing, 2010). Boeing sets their plans within the many departments to include sales, marketing, mechanical, and testing. Their staff must also be updated and trained for new strategies to be implemented. To ensure that any product exceeds high quality, management must see to it that the tasks are done whenever planning measures are put into place. Boeing's missions statement states that delivering innovative engineering results to advance development of tomorrows products (Boeing, 2010) because this is what decides the organizational goals at Boeing. Boeing's missions statement has given the company the drive in becoming the world leader in influencing the company's performance-driven culture and with continual innovative services and solutions can deliver value to customers. The missions' statement allows the company to focus on operational excellence (Boeing, 2010). Boeing succeeds with the company's accomplishments in the global working class and the company's dedication to personify with unity.

Boeing Corporation, similar to


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