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Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan

“A corporate strategy is one that determines what businesses a company is in or wants to be in, and what it wants to do with those businesses. “It’s based on the mission and goals of the organization and the roles that each business unit of the organization will play (Robbins & Coulter, 2012, p. 228)”. Performance management is the process that puts together aims, performances and development in a unique system, where the main goal is to assure that employee performances support strategic goals of the organization (Dessler, 2005, p. 310). Based on the company strategy goal, management should develop an organizational performance philosophy as guideline for the performance management framework. This philosophy is the performance that the company wants from all its’ employees. Performance management is not just the requirement from employers or managers; it should be a commitment from everyone that involve in the process. According to Cascio (2012), “performance management requires willingness and a commitment to focus on improving performance at the level of the individual or team every day (p. 333)”. In today business world, managing performance is inevitable. Unmanaged performance is random and chaotic and thus disastrous for organizations (Brumback, 2011, p. 182).

Job Analysis Methods

Selecting the proper person for a job has become more complex than ever before, because companies now realize how important it is to have the right staff in the beginning. There are different ways to execute a job analysis, to include: interviews with current supervisors, the questionnaires for repertory grid techniques, observation, work sampling, investigations on critical incidents, task analysis from higher and collecting background information such as classification specifications or duty statements. In job analyses that are held by HR personnel,


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