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Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan

Performance management is a key part to the development and improvement of employees and ultimately could lead into helping to ensure the company is benefiting from those improvements as well. It is the job of the manager to determine how well or how much improvement is needed to help an employee improve at the job that they do. A manager who provides both a positive and an opportunity message is instilling a message to an employee that there is caring and concern for improvement but they can also see that the work is there to build upon.

Performance Management Framework and Business Strategy

The one key piece to aligning the performance management framework to the business strategy is making certain that the company as a whole is on the path for improvement. Setting it up so that the performance management plan is lined up with the overall business strategy is vitally important from a long term perspective. With the limousine service stating up in a new location such as Austin, Texas, you will want to make sure your leaders that you are bringing in are aligned with the mission and vision for the company. If you have a leader who is not aligned with the same thinking as the ownership, you will have problems with making sure the goals of the company are aligned between leadership and subordinate. Aligning goals and the accomplishments so that the improvement of each employee only shows positive steps for the company should be the overall goal.


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