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Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan

Albert Bobo


July 25, 2014

John Stocker

Performance Management Plan

There are many ways to encourage your employees to excel and the stick is a valid one in some circumstances.  However, employees need to know where they stand so the best approach is consistency.   Here at Atwood and Allen Consulting we will develop a performance management plan that will help your company work toward that consistency for your limousine service that is located in Austin, Texas. Due to challenging economic times, our company will create a framework for performance management that will ensure your limousine service is successful.    

When developing a performance management plan it requires that your organization do certain things well on a consistent basis.  For example you must define performance in your organization that way your employees have a general idea of what is expected of them while on the job.  Furthermore you must facilitate performance meaning you must maintain performance by eliminating any issues or roadblocks that may be encountered during day-to-day operations.  Lastly you must encourage performance throughout your entire organization.  

When defining performance the main goal is to be mindful of three key elements, such as goals, measures and assessments.  Goal setting is key this will direct your employees attention to specific performance tasks by paying close attention to the customer needs.  Goal setting also helps clarifies what is expected and leads to high levels of performance.   For example your main goal as a limousine company should be to provide the utmost quality service to your customers at all times. Therefore setting specific goals in your organization should direct your employees in the right direction to make sure that all customers receive the best quality service at all times.  When setting goals management must be able to measure what goals their staff has accomplished.  Finally this leads to assessment, which leads to regular assessments of progress.  Management must conduct assessments to assess progress toward the goals that have been set within the organization.  This will give you and your staff an idea of the progress at any specific interval in time.

Facilitating performance requires that management resolve any issues that may surface while on the job, provide enough resources to complete the job in a timely manner and be mindful when selecting employees.  Some possible obstacles that may occur on the job site can be a delay in materials or supplies needed to maintain the quality of the limousines or outdated vehicles, which may have an effect on customer satisfaction or the quality of the service.  Furthermore having adequate resources will allow employees to accomplish goals that were set and achieve successful performance.  Selecting employees who are not qualified to perform their job can lead to under production within the company and overstaffing.  Therefore you must select the proper candidate who is qualified to perform the job accurately to achieve optimal performance.


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