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Project Management Example Brief

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Outline Project Definition

King Saud University is lacking in the department of Business Administration an energy efficient, global technology equipped facility, for the fostering of business learning and development. The AlRashed Company plans to provide its client, King Saud University, with a state-of-the-art building facility that will simultaneously, cut energy expenses while adding to the University a new department and building to house the expanded Business Administration learning operations.

Project Integration Management

There are two main areas that the project will aim to undertake: reducing energy costs while improving building structural integrity and using global technology solutions to provide the facilities with a conducive business learning environment. Improving heat management in computer classrooms and lecture auditoriums without resorting to higher energy consumption practices is another aim of the project. The most significant objective will be to provide the University with a modern, globally connected, business facility to further expand the Business Administration department and attract international students and funding parties from the Gulf Area.

The project is structured into several different work packages that guide the Work Breakdown Structure plan, as outlined in Form 1.01 Project. Broadly, the process will include the creation of a new facility building that will house the new College of Business and will involve contracting work with local construction companies. Building materials (steel, concrete, windows, panels, doors, etc.) will be high quality products produced domestically to reduce costs. Approach will include establishing proper contract arrangements, and supply management before the construction begins. On site management will be crucial to the successful completion of the project. Project objectives will be divided into phases and in-house management teams will monitor progress. Once established, the plan will measure the planned work and choose solutions based on cost-benefit and other criteria. The development of the solutions for the building will include control devices, and will measure the impact of the solutions, as per Form 2.08 Activity List. Integrated controls will be performed by change controls as outline in Form 3.03 Change Logs.

Project Scope Management

The King Saud University project will include several group members in the company of AlRashed. Other organizations and building companies may be utilized for consultation purposes. The required building material for successful implementation of this project will include: a concrete exterior to ensure maximum safety and protection against challenging weather conditions. Strength and durability will be achieved through acquisition and use of durable materials. Area lighting throughout the building, metal railings


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