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Pierre Cardin - Customer Service System Issue

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Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin doesn't have a clear customer service system or policy on the website. The company does not clearly list a direct customer service phone number and clear stores location worldwide. It is very confused and hard for their consumers or people like me to find more information about their service, stores, responsibility on their official website. On the other hand, the company has more than 5 different styles website for different product categories or countries.


Europe, Australia & New Zealand:;;

Presentation of the loyalty programme:



Food/ Hotel/Restaurant:

Home Furnishing Decorations:

Above don't even include the websites for some licensed products of Pierre Cardin.

However, I found one phone number on their pen website. The other two are from the Chinese Pierre Cardin website's section of the company's licensees.

The first call I made was to their Hong Kong's pen department office. I assumed myself as a customer who plans to customize a pen from Pierre Cardin. And I mentioned my demand to the phone answerer; I said I would like to make a high quality and fine material pen with my own design as well as the one-to-one service of Pierre Cardin's pen department. The answer from the other side of the call was


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