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Offer Great Customer Service and In-Store Experiences

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When it comes to Apple Inc., three things are well known by masses: the former CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs, who changed the way people use digital devices greatly, being described as the ”Father of the Digital Revolution”; a sequence of amazing ISO system products such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iMac, which bring their customers sophisticated technology experiences; its strong stock price, which enables Apple to sway the market capitalization of any company in the world. Actually, another thing Apple should be proud of is its Apple retail store. Until April 2014, Apple has 424 retail stores, which employs over 40,000 people and offers more than a million visitors every day. According to report, Apple’s retail operations generated more than $20 billion in 2012 and the number has still growth these years. Moreover, Apple’s stores got average over $7,000 per square foot making it the highest grossing retailer over the world. Even though many other big retailers such as Best Buy offer Apple products, usually at a discount, lots of people still prefer to make their purchases at Apple store without any promotion. Why people prefer pay more to purchase the same products at Apple store? It is because the experience the customers enjoy is totally different with any other retails. Obviously, Apple has built this truly unique retail empire through its amazing products, special service design, and customer experiences within the Apple Store.


In recent years, the increasing number of companies will customize shopping or service experience either online or in person because that is what customer wants. For this aspect, Apple has submitted a satisfied answer to customers over the years. Apple Stores are the best example of what makes Apple different from its competitors and to build good relationships with customers. Apple retail store is a unique service model, which establishes a close relationship between


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