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Good Customer Service - Corvette Diner Restaurant

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Good customer service is the “lifeblood” of any organization, and that is why managers need to pay attention to their service process. Customer service is a series of various activities designed to enhance the customer satisfaction. They have excellent service is the result of careful design strategy and delivery of a “whole set of interrelated processes” working together.Therefore, it is critical that the organization provides clear communication among their staff in order to meet their deliverables and maintain their good service operations. Having a strong service operation and design will create team building within the organization, which will result in good customer service like Corvette Diner in San Diego, California.

Corvette Diner

Corvette Diner is a restaurant in San Diego, California that started as a small diner in 1981, by David and Lesley Cohen (Cohn, 2011). Then as the years passed, Corvette Diner moved from their small Hillcrest location to a large facility in the Point Loma Liberty Station a few years ago. As the location changed they become more popular due to the location and their fifty’s throw-back with its extensive memorabilia such as a soda fountain counter, a corvette table and waitresses dressed in fifty’s attire with bee hive hair-dos. The best thing I like about the Corvette Diner, the hostess awaits you at the front door with her cheerful/friendly attitude, and then she lets you know if there are any open seats available. If there are no open seats available upon your arrival the hostess will give you a pager, so you can go play in the arcade until a seat opens. Then once you’re seated a friendly waitress will start a friendly conversation with you and offer any other assistance that you may need, like extra napkins. Meanwhile, as you decide, what to order the waitresses will entertain you and your children by dancing to fifty’s music, throwing straws and gum at the table. Then while you continue to wait for your order someone will go around to each table asking if you would like a balloon animal, or


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