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Levels of Customer Service

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Script: Levels of Customer service

Customer service:

Customer service is one of the main focuses in the business and helps the business to be able to gain power. The business must provide their customers with the best possible products and services also ensure that they meet the customer needs better than their competitors.

Customer service has a massive impact on the way the business functions because if customers are not satisfied or happy with the services then they aren’t likely to come back. Customers are usually attracted to businesses if the business provides a well after sales service, if the products fit their needs and if products are at high quality and suitable prices.

The sales process:

The sales process is made out of 6 main steps which play a big role in the business. These steps are:

• Prospecting:

This is when the customer is aware of the service or product which they are looking for. This is the first and most important step in the sales process, the business must know what the customers are looking for and should be ready to provide them with the best possible service or product.

• Initial contact:

The business must have an idea on who their regular customers are in order to help them find the most suitable product they’re looking for.

• Sales presentation:

The step where staff are responsible to knowledge the customers on the products they are interested in. If this is carried out successfully, the customer will be satisfied and this might lead into the customer taking in consideration whether or not they want to buy the product. The sales presentation will have a big impact on the way products sell.

• Handling objections:

When customers decide they might delay the time of the purchase for a product they were interested in, however the staff is in charge of being able to convince them into buying the product at present time.

• Closing the sales:

This is the last step of the selling process. This step is where the customer(s) are certain of the product they want to buy and they clearly show they are ready to buy the product.

• After sales service:

Creating a powerful and permanent relationship with the customers and also keeping them satisfied with all the services which include the after sales service.

The transaction process:

This is made out of 3 steps

• Pre-transaction


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