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Customer Service

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The customer I believe is the heart of every company's business structure. No matter the types of goods and / or services the organization provides, without the customer, that organization could never make any sales. Therefore; for a business to be successful and keep up with competition, it has to commit to meeting and exceeding customer's satisfaction. Companies need to provide customers with products and services that meet the customer's needs. Besides creating a product of value to customers, companies also need to be able to provide customers the best assistance with the products or services they sell. Most customers call the providing company with any questions, concerns and comments on the products or services and how well they will patronize those products or services depend on how well they are satisfied, not only with the products or services but also how responsive the company was to their concerns.

Customer service I believe is very important to a business. What is customer service one may ask? To me, customer service is everything and anything legal and ethical a company does and will do to make customers feel the worth of their business with that company. This goes beyond providing the customers assistance when they need it. To me, every person you communicate with even before he/she purchases your products or services is your customer. The way and manner in which you receive your customers, talk to them, assist them or entertain them goes a long way in making customers want to remain loyal to your company or products and/or services. Some times the products might not be the best or the cheapest in the market but customers would be more than willing to patronize them over other company's products or services if they get other benefits from that product or services. For example, I use Verizon Wireless and compared to other cellular service providers, it is one of the most expensive ones, yet still I am more than happy to use their service and even try to convince others to use it. This is because besides having good reception at most places for me, their customer service is the best. Their automated system is less complicated and short, their associates are always polite and make me feel appreciated; and most of all, they are always ready to fix any mistakes from their part and even help me fix any from my part. To me, I receive


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