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Cis 568 - Service Cloud Customer Service System

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Service Cloud Customer Service System


March 31, 2014

Dr. Jerald Hatton

Service Cloud Customer Service System

Service Cloud is a cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) system offered by Service Cloud enables a company to offer customer service “from anywhere, any time, on any device” ("Service Cloud", 2014). The system can even be embedded directly into products and offer one-touch service.

Capabilities of the Service Cloud

Service Cloud has many features that simplify the customer service or technical service process. A custom contact center can be created that both customer service personnel and customers can access via the cloud based system. Customers can easily enter service requests, view posted solutions to common issues, or escalate an existing case.

When the customer requests service, the service representative is able to have a 360-degree view of the customer. This includes being able to see the customer case history, products owned, preferred channel of communication, and other pertinent account information. It is also possible to access the customer’s social media accounts from the contact center.

All service request are recorded and assigned to the proper personnel. In cases where information from a product specialist is required, the cloud based service makes it easier to contact that person. When the customer’s issue is resolved, the solution is recorded and becomes part of a searchable database. The database allows both customers and service personnel to search for solutions to known issues.

Before a service claim is closed, the system records the customer satisfaction level. This information is also used to calculate agent productivity and effectiveness. Managers can track these metrics in real time and address any concerns immediately.


Kennametal is a manufacturing company that produces metal cutting tools and machine tool accessories. Kennametal’s customers include many of the major automobile and aerospace manufacturers as well as many industrial manufacturers. Kennametal not only manufactures the tools for its customers, it provides ongoing technical support. Service Cloud is a system that could


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