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Customer Service, Chinese Style

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In her essay “Customer Service, Chinese Style”, Deb Weidenhamer provides some information and her feelings for readers by comparing two different styles of customer service between America and China.

At the beginning of the essay, she states that if she felt uncomfortable with something about a company’s product or service, she likes try to speak directly to management. Thus it can be seen that she doesn’t have a mind-set of complains. I fairly agree with her. It is quite important to improve the work efficiency to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Then she illustrates her experience about buying two porcelain vases with her Chinese employees, Alan. It reflects a phenomenon that Chinese customers like bargaining while American customers not. Weidenhamer considers the time and effort it took to save that extra $25 were not worthy. I admit it is common among Chinese customers. There is a kind of customers spending a lot of time on a little cheaper, if not, they won’t buy even feel over charged. It is a type of many Chinese customers’ consumer psychology. But there are still a number of goods do not accept the negotiated price in most big emporium. The stores say “Decline bargain! Please understand!” outside to avoid bargaining. Similarly, if we are careful to observe, we can find bargaining also exists in American market.

Weidenhamer also takes another example about a cleaning lady in her company. The company rejected her requirement of raising payment. As a result, police showed up to help her solve the problem. In her opinion, the situation was ridiculous, but the outcome was fair. American business men want to deal things simply and efficiently. I believe that everyone needs to safeguard their own interests which they deserve. Since there are some problems exist, the way business is done is supposed to be adjusted and improved.


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