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Excellent Customer Service

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There will be 3 testing scenarios. Each candidate will be graded on their handling of each of the 3 scenarios. The tester will play the role of the customer in each of the scenarios. The target behavior is a candidate who is able to speak clearly, deal courteously and expeditiously with the customer. The candidate is an airline reservation clerk, working for a fictitious airline called Georgia Air. The airline hub is out of Atlanta. There will be 3 different customers from 3 different cities all traveling to Bermuda, who call the reservation phone number that the candidate will handle. The candidate will need to find the appropriate flight leaving the customers city arriving in Atlanta, and then the connecting flight to Bermuda. The candidate will then confirm the chosen flights including flight #, destinations, departure times, arrival times, seat option chosen (Aisle or Window), and itinerary total including taxes. The candidate will be given a brief explanation of the excel spreadsheet set-up and simply needs to copy and paste the selected row for the flights and the itinerary worksheet is programmed to perform the calculations automatically.

Scenario #1

This is an easy going and friendly female flying from Pittsburgh to Bermuda. She is looking for the cheapest flight there and time of travel is of no concern.

ANS: Correct flight selections are # 115 + 1150 (total $300)

Scenario #2

This is a hurried female flying from Miami to Bermuda, who is in a rush to make her reservation. She must have a window seat only and can’t leave too early in the day because she is working late the night before. Price is of no concern.

ANS: Correct flight selections are # 440 + 1315 (total $600)

Scenario #3

This is a rude male who is flying from JFK to Bermuda. He wants an inexpensive flight and a noon departure. He also must have a window seat.


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