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Great Customer Service

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The Attractive One for Oldies


Providing great customer service is not as simple as saying “exceed customer expectations.” Rather, it involves a series of interactions from the moment the customer first encounters your business until the time he or she leaves .Too often businesses define the success of their customer service based on the experience created by only one person in the business, ignoring all other interactions.. To succeed, you must be ready when opportunity comes. Spend your time preparing for success, when your opportunity comes, you’ll be glad you did. More and more trying to astonish the customer, certainly a real discriminator, isn’t it? The customer focus at Lisa’s Mcdonald’s Restaurant led to the retail giant having a reputation for an absurdly great customer like old people. In fact, the marketing strategy of McDonald’s is based on uniformity, no matter what McDonald’s you are IN in the world. The company is perhaps as known as more for its iconic items as it is for their product it sells. Experience is whatever the customer perceives it to be – and you can’t manage it completely. What you can do is influence that experience by being very intentional about where and how you deliver your product promise in a way that is absolutely consistent at every touchpoint.


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