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American Healthcare System Issues

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1. Write 2-3 paragraphs about what you believe are important issues regarding the design, implementation, management, and evaluation of healthcare information systems. You may include in your comments factors the influence these issues and major challenges.

I find two most important issues in American healthcare system, one of it is Why all the American Citizens don't have health insurance automatically?, as the government is spending almost US $2 trillion per year on healthcare. USA is the country who spends the most money per capita on healthcare and has most advanced technology; this takes me to my second question which is Why Americans yet still not the healthiest society?

The American medical system is vastly fragmented and consistent of complicated rules. Doctors in America knows how to keep America in good healthy shape but the medical system comes in their way and in that system, the medical insurance companies have a lot say. We, the Americans suffer a lot because of this fragmentation but we somehow get settled. Even the individuals who are covered by their employers are distressed of this system.

One way is to merge the database of all EMRs. There will be one MRN (Medical Record Number) for each patient associated with their SSN (Social Security Number) or driver's license number. All sorts of medical test's replication will be eliminated for each patient and Doctors will be able to get the current information more quickly and will be able to provide better care in minimal time.

Second solution could be that the Health Care Providers should be rewarded more for curing chronic diseases. HCPs can control chronic diseases well if they spend more time, power and resources on research of controlling chronic illness.

2. Choose a recent newspaper article about healthcare (provide the url or relevant information if it is paper based). Comment on how the article relates to healthcare information systems. (1-2 paragraphs)

Evolent Health gets $100M to ‘change the way we care for patients'

I found this article in Flipboard (an android application). This article talks about a healthcare IT Startup Company who is getting success exponentially. I totally agree with approach they are following as Health Care Providers should be rewarded more for curing chronic diseases and keeping the sick from getting sicker. HCPs can control constant ailments if these kinds of softwares are available. In this article they are also talking about the Doctors getting the live information from patients regarding their medication intake, this can also help diagnoses of further care of a particular patient's illness.

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