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Healthcare System Using Artificial Intelligence

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As we have seen that there are various problems associated with the current healthcare system we are proposing an IT enabled healthcare system using Artificial intelligence.

Therefore, the next big step in personalized healthcare requires a computing and analytics framework which would

  • aggregate and integrate big data,
  • discover deep knowledge about patient similarities and connections,
  • and provide personalized disease risk profiles for each individual patient.
  • Also, These risk profiles would be derived from not only the e-medical record information of that patient, but also from similarities of that patient to millions of other patients.

This would open the opportunities for proactive medicine, actively managing disease, empowering the patients, and effectively leading to a reduction in readmission rate.

Working of the model proposed by us:

Data from expert goes to prediction module wherein it is matched with various used test cases and using artificial intelligence a pattern is recognized and appropriate diagnosis is suggested with the help of diagnosis module.

Where does Watson come into picture?

IBM Watson is an advanced open-domain question answering system with deep natural language processing capabilities.  

At this point, the Watson Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is most effectively used to sift through massive amounts of text—documents, emails, social posts, and more—to answer questions in real time.

Watson accepts questions posed by the user in natural language and provides the user with a response (or a set of responses) by generating and evaluating various hypotheses around different interpretations of the question and possible answers to it


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