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Gender Issues - American Intercontinental University online

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Gender Issues

American InterContinental University Online

Dr. Stephen Castellese


When dealing with gender issues in the workplace, there are a plethora of things to be considered in making sure that any one person or group of people are not offended by any action or statement made by an employee of the company. Discrimination is a strong term and needs further examination when it is used. 


According to Donald Weiss this is no longer the age of litigation, this has turned into the century of litigation (2004). The size and profit margin of a company is no indicator of their ability to avoid gender discrimination issues. In 2005 the Associated Press reported that the Swedish carmaker, Volvo, denied a woman a job because of her height (2005). The most common issue for companies and one of the first things that a potential employee gets acquainted with is the job description. In the case against Volvo, it was said that because of their height requirement, more women than men were excluded from potentially being employed (Volvo, 2005). Volvo has to take each candidates ability to perform the job and not their height into consideration when hiring (Volvo, 2005). There are many companies that have gender specific references that can be perceived as being gender biased. Even if managers of companies are guided by policies they can still get themselves into a whole lot of trouble (Weiss, 2004). When it comes to gender discrimination, prejudice is at the root of it. At the root of prejudice is ignorance, and in this case what you do not know can actually harm you (Weiss, 2004).

Believing that a particular gender would be better suited for a particular job is such a broad statement about a large group of people. Leaders of companies need to be aware of the laws affecting the rights of their employees and the rights of the managers as well. A well thought out job description can potentially create a lawsuit for a company. Companies may think that going in depth with a job description will lay everything on the line for a potential employee, but it can have serious adverse effects.

When putting together job descriptions the company needs to make sure that certain words and characteristics are not printed. The only time certain phrases or characteristics are acceptable is when they are specifically related to


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