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Court System Issues

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In regards to the court system issues, many persons seem to forget that crimes would not exist if there were truthful shared ethics in place and those values were applied. Society has gotten away from the principles of marriage, family morals and solid family connections to a culture that cultivates an overwhelming high rate of divorces, to women having children out of wedlock and having little to no income at all, making them dependent on the welfare system to support them. Today’s young society has no patriarchal figure to take the responsibilities as they did in earlier years to teach our young children the rights from wrong which leads them to doing many of the wrongs things in life. In its place of encouraging them the pursuit of educating themselves, the youth are encouraged the recreation of false hope and dreams through the get rich quick scheme that basically present them to pursue criminal behavior.

Many of which are imprisoned because of criminal activity and having no father figure themselves, resulting in no sense of value to his or her life. This harm of the father not residing in the home, particularly in the Hispanic and African-American communities, has a negative result not only in the home, but in the child’s life as a whole. Without the completeness of family to be responsible for the guidance and encouragement to the children to stay in school and to stay away from criminal activity, and to become an industrious asset of society; then our court systems will remain the way it is and provide severe punishment for minor crimes and damaging social behaviors when the court should propose solutions to deterrent crime and supportive amenities to those families that has family members that are involved in the brutal cycle of incarcerations. Assistance Programs should be set up to help Victims as well as programs for the families of the criminal. It would better the society as a whole and also help those with the problems of coping with life


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