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T-Mobile Promotes with Celebrity Sidekicks

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1. First, T-Mobile had to seek ways to create a definitive brand image in the US market to establish itself from its competitors. They also used other celebrities in their TV and radio and print ads to create an image that the company is hip, young and cool brand among its competitors in the mobile phone industry.

2. I guess I would like to turn around this question and talk about the celebrities I would not use. They would be Lindsay Lohan and Snoop Dogg since these stars have been tangled up with the law and breaking laws in numerous occasions. They would not be very good role models for adults or children in our society in my opinion. I also would not use Burt Reynolds or Wayne Newton just do to the fact that these are legendary stars but they are older and it would not give an image of youthfulness and being hip if these stars were used in ads. It may turn away the young, trendsetter consumers and as a result they may go to a different mobile carrier entirely.

As far as what celebrities I would use might be the following; Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Simpson, Reece Whetherspoon, Dakota Pfanning, the cast of Harry Potter and Twilight series etc. I would also use up and coming young celebrities just starting their acting careers and also new music artists as well so that these groups of people could relay the image and feel of a company that caters to young, hip and successful actors, actress and music artists in the entertainment industry. Bottom line is that I would use young, youthful artists who abide by the laws of the land and that would be a positive influence on everyone young and old in our society.

3. I think that T-Mobile had a great idea teaming up with Juicy Couture and the NBA. By teaming up with these groups, T-Mobile is targeting fashion industry which populates the young, hip consumers who tend to gravitate towards fashion. T-Mobile also did a smart thing by teaming up with a sports league such as NBA. That way it is targeting the young and athletic consumers. These consumers would be more attracted to this phone service since T-Mobile offers what interests NBA fans which by offering special basketball-related contents, broadcasts and events. I think T-Mobile was very smart in regards to teaming up with a particular sport such as the NBA and WNBA and they will get a great reception by doing this and gain a lot of business by doing this with WNBA/NBA groups who are the young and athletic population.

4. One good thing that T-Mobile has done is that the T-Mobile’s CEO Robert Dotson and Chief Marketing Officer Mike Butler visits a large number of T-Mobile stores every quarter. Their purpose for the visits is to learn from employees of whom they visit. They come away from meeting with the employees, a list of items to address to help deliver better customer service. T-Mobile’s main mission statement is to provide overall customer satisfaction and customer


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