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Online Mobile Phone Decoration

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I am writing to introduce to you an innovative service, online mobile phone decoration. Nearly each and every Hong Kong people have at least one mobile phone and at least 2 millions of them are willing to spend money on decorating their mobile phones. With absence of competitors in the current market, our group believes that this would be a good opportunity for us to carry out our project in this niche market.

Details of our service

Our team proposed to create a homepage where customers can design their own and unique mobile phone case. Our plan is that we will set up a homepage at our online shop, and then we will show an exactly pre-designed blank case of the chosen model on the screen. Our customer then designs his own mobile, for example, choosing a background colour, drawing his favourites, writing some meaningful words with his own handwriting and even upload his own lover's photo!

We will print the design in the form of stickers, which exactly fit the size of the chosen model. We will not produce cases because their costs are much higher than printing stickers. It is not a good idea for buying a more expensive case, which will only be used for a short time.

If our customers want to change the appearance of the mobile phone, they can just simply remove the original sticker from the case. Since we are using high quality stickers for printing out the design, the case will NOT have any defects after removing the sticker.

Reasons for introduction

We propose to have this service because it is definitely profitable for the following reasons.

Derived demand from mobile phone

In Hong Kong, the product life cycle of mobile phone is extremely short, this implies Hong Kong people spend money on mobile for a regularly SHORT period of time. Those mobile phones related services/products will also be benefited in this big market.

Customization and personalization become significant in 21st century

The living standard of Hong Kong people is rising every year, and customisation/personalization of their mobile phone is becoming more and more important. People are eager to have their own style of mobile phone. And our service can absolutely cater for the needs of Hong Kong people in this aspect.

Low competition from local competitors

The mobile phone decoration service in H.K. is regarded as a niche market. Due to the absence of competitions, our service is able to capture much of the market share.

Potential Customers' Profile

Since our service is about "make your mobile phone special", any mobile phone owners who want to design their own cases' appearance are our potential customers. We have nearly 2 millions


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