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Mobile Phone Market

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Mobile phone Market.

The mobile market section includes not only where you can produce and sell the mobile phones, It also involves the operators that provide the cellular network needed for the mobile phones.

The operators existance in any country depends on the licences given for cellular networks in the country. For example, the United States Market has many cellular network companies. These companies where selected based on limited entry regulations made by the U.S Federal Communications Comission (FCC). It has implemented rules for operators to compete on and it has the choice to accept the offers presented from the operators. The competition between the operators will give customers reduced prices over time.

Mobile phones production and sales is considered a very competitive market. Alot of big companies like Nokia, Apple, Samsung and many other companies make alot of profit from selling phones. In the past, communication started with letters and the evolved to landlines.(Parker, 1994) Mobile phones is now the heart of communication around the world and the most widely used way to communicate. In Figure 1, is showing The number of countries starting services based on the major standards by year. (Funk, 2000)

Lets view for example one of the most known phone brands in the world the iPhone that is made by apple. First of all, Apple is a company that makes Computers and music players for main profit. The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, wanted to enter the mobile phones market to introduce his music player, ipod, and revolutionize the mobile phone industry. He made a Contract with Cingular, a mobile cellular network operator, and together they designed the iPhone.(Sharma, 2007) The iPhone was a huge success and it has met all of the expected earning and more.

Mobile phones profit does not depend only on Designing, Producing and selling Phones. Operators are also involved


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