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Mobile Phones Should Be Banned in Schools

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Mobile Phones Should Be Banned In Schools

Since mobile phones were invented almost 70 years ago, they have become very important and, at times essential, to our lives. Their weight and size enables us to carry then and communicate with others very easily. But they are often misused, especially in a learning environment. Not only are students distracted from learning, cheating during exams is common, as is, text bullying.

The purpose of schools is to provide students with a positive learning environment. Although many schools have a rule "..cell phones should be switched off and not used for texting or phones calls..", silent ringtones have made it possible for students to browse the web, text friends and listen to music with their phones hidden under the desk, unnoticed by teachers. Research shows that students are using mobile phones for antisocial activities such as cheating in tests, arranging drug deals, organizing fights and harassing teachers as wells as students. Apart form showing disrespect, this practise means that instead of paying 100% attention, students are focusing more on their screens. By banning and confiscating any mobile phones seen, students will be able too concentrate moor on their lessons. After all, out of sight, out of mind.

With todays technology, mobile phones can easily be used to cheat in exams. Although there are many other ways of cheating, mobiles phones make it extremely simple. All the students have to do is to access the internet, type in the questions and within seconds, the answers appear on the screens. Police conducted an investigation in Korea in 2005 after obtaining evidence which proved that about 100 students had used mobile phones to cheat in the National College Entrance Exams and 46 students in Thailand were banned from the army for life after they had tried to cheat in an Army Entrance Exam by concealing their mobile phones in their


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