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Mobile Phone Should Be Banned in School

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Nowadays, mobile phones are very useful gadgets to people no matter they are young or old. Mobile phones make life convenient and easy as they are slim and light. They are now an indispensable thing in communication, during an emergency or for entertainment. We cannot deny that mobile phones bring a lot of benefits for students and teachers. However, they also bring negative effects on students especially when they are in school.

I strongly agree with the statement that mobile phones should be banned in school. Firstly, mobile phones could be easily stolen. Not all students can afford to buy mobile phones especially the smart phones because they cost a fortune. Some students couldnt conceal their jealousy of other students and could attempt to steal their phones. Careless and irresponsible students who do not care for their property especially those who have left their phones in their school bags would normally fall prey to mobile phones thieves.

Secondly, students can use the chat application during examinations. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, mobile phones are way sophisticated and possess multiple functions such as surfing the internet, collecting data and play games. Due to that, cheating is rampant among students especially with the multiple choice questions, as students can easily send or exchange the answers with their friends through mobile phones. Cheating is very unfair to other students who are honest.

Possessions of mobile phones may cause inferiority complex among the students who do not own one especially when students are allowed to bring mobile phones to school. They will compare their phones with their friends phones in

terms of brands, functions, prices and other specifications. Wealthy students who possess high tech mobile phones would normally flaunt their sophisticated


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