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Mobile Phones Do Not Cause Accidents Drivers Do

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Mobile phone menace was a speech prepared by professor GK Charles for the road safety unit of Concordia University on the second of March 2010. Charles writes that driving while speaking on the phone needs to be policed heavily to stop risk taking behaviour. Charles argues his contention with a laid back tone which is evident in "It's an image thing I think."

Charles argues that people frequently drive while using their phone in a degrading manor which is shown in "certainly an inflated sense of their own importance. In an attempt to persuade the reader into agreeing with him Charles uses imagery. "They take command of the road and others better watch out." Imagery places a picture in the readers head of a maniac driver speeding down the highway with complete disregard for their own and anyone else's safety. This imprints a negative impression in the reader's mind that forces them to avoid the same situation occurring to them thus preventing the reader from taking any further part in this act.

Charles writes that SUV drivers are the worst drivers when it comes to acts of recklessness. Charles writes this in an alarming tone stating that SUV drivers are more likely to crash than other drivers. In an attempt to convey his view across to the reader Charles uses evidence which is shown in "SUV drivers were sixteen times more likely to crash than other drivers. Evidence gives a rock solid argument that cannot be beaten. This alerts the reader to steer away from SUV drivers as they are careless and reckless Drivers that do not hold the safety of themselves or others at heart.

Charles argues that mobile phones are a big factor in car crashes. Charles argues his point in an assertive tone using words such as "Physically interfering, and one fatality is too many." In an effort to insinuate his view in the readers mind Charles uses attacks in an attempt to degrade the opponent (mobile phone drivers)."Mobile


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