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Mobile Phone Effects on Human

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Mobile phone effects on human

        In the wake of the changing of generations, nowadays mobile phones are the essential thing for people and they are the things that people can’t live without. Therefore, this had become a habit for people to have a mobile phone each particularly. Mobile phones are the things that people must have in their lifestyle in this modern generation. In the meaning from dictionary mobile phones is one of the basic definitions of communication is the interpersonal contact, social interaction, and association between people (Oxford dictionary). Moreover, mobile phones also have many functions that included camera, video recorder, email, music player and more (Jain, 2005). Originally, it was created for adults for business. In fact, the mobile phone has already turned from a technological tool to social tool (Aoki & Downes, 2003). In addition, young adult between the ages 18 to 25 years old has is the highest rate of age using mobile phone (Social Networking Fact Sheet, 2014). Furthermore, as Matthews said there was more than half out of hundred percentage of young people reported getting a mobile phone when they were 13 or 14 years old. However, it would seem that this age might be getting younger (Matthews, 2004). But they never consider something bad that can happened to them when they overuse and misuse the technology devices which may cause their health and mental problems. In the same way, these may also cause a person addicted to it and other harmful consequences to people around them. The usage of mobile phone among young adults brings negative impacts such as affecting their eye sight, decreasing their concentration and also relationship will be affected by overusing mobile phone.

        In the last 20 years, worldwide mobile phone subscription have increased from nearly almost 13 million to over 5.6 billion that is penetrating about 70% of the global population (Filex and Matt, n. d). For example, the people in USA use mobile phones a lot and fairly large number of these are school and college students (World Health Organization, 2011). Hence, the number of mobile phone users worldwide from 2013 to 2016 keep increasing (Jason, n. d.). From the research, in 2013, it has risen to 56.5%, in 2014 it increased to 59.0%. In 2015 to 2016 there is slight increase from 61.1% to 62.9%. Even more, Sarah (2015) find out that consumers are spending over 85% of their time on using their mobile phone. There also some research showed that mostly people check their mobile phone every 25 seconds or less and nearly thirty-two times a day (BBCNewsbeat, 2014).

        Physical health problems have been increasing among young people around the world. Among these, there are many kinds of physical health caused by overusing mobile phone. The research from Patel, Flisher, Hetrick, Lancet (2007) revealed that mobile phones also affect human’s eyes. Not only that, it was observed that continuous usage, staring at the screen caused the subjects eye strain so much so that some of them had to go to a doctor for an eye checkup. However, none was diagnosed with a refractive error or other serious eye ailments. Eye strain is obvious due to focusing on the screen or due to continuous texting and playing games. The same is mentioned by the Center on Media and Child Health in their article “Mobile Phones” (Cell phones, 2007). By the same way, from BBCNewsbeat (2014) showed that "Blue-violet light is potentially hazardous and toxic to the back of your eyes. So over a long period of time, it can potentially damage human’s eyes. When you're looking at a mobile phone, the light peeking out of that is blue-violet." In addition, they also said tests have found that overexposure to blue-violet light that has the potential to make us fall at the greater risk of macular degeneration, and a main cause of blindness (BBCNewsbeat, 2014). Therefore, mobile phone can affect human’s eyes sight so human must protect own eyes well which is very important for human by controlling the time of using mobile phone.


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