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Describe the Developments in Mobile Phone Services, and Assess the Impact of This Phenomenon on Society in Your Country

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The dramatic technical development of mobile devices and mobile technology offers more possibilities for lives. Due to its prominent mobility, flexibility and usability, mobile phones, on a massive scale, are regarded as necessities in everyday life. Being at the cutting edge of emerging technology, mobile phone services in China grow out of nothing and expand from small to big merely over the past decade. The booming of mobile phone services in Chinese market has given rise to a prolonged controversy within this macro-area. Therefore, this essay will be set in the context of domestic sphere and via introducing the course of the developments in mobile phone services´╝îattempt to explore the social influences of its widespread acceptance and use in China, then evaluate the impact of mobile phone services specifically on business and education aspects.

As one of the greatest inventions of Bell Labs, the use of mobile phone technology does not have a long period, as the cellular technology was non-existent until the 1960s, when R. H. Frenkiel and J. S. Engel first developed this electronics (Farley, 2007). After almost three decades of foot dragging, in 1973, the call handoff system was eventually created and built by Martin Cooper, till then the attempt to introduce this cellular technology in a portable device turned into reality (Dr. Arab Naz, et al., 2011). During years went by, the development of technology improved mobile phone noticeably in performance as well as appearance. The current mobile phones combine the powerful function with the convenient use perfectly, which explains why they took over people's lives before anyone could realize.

China, a fast-growing developing country, has the largest number of mobile phone users all over the world. From the year 2000 onwards, the mobile phone services expanded at an exponential rate to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands of the domestic market. Chattratichart & Brodie (2003) pointed out that owing to the rapidly advancing wireless technologies, mobile phone services in multiple communication channels like email, fax, text messaging, voice call are efficient and reliable. Furthermore mobile users in China enjoy more choices including banking, reading, working, consuming and other personal setting services through mobile networks.

Since mobile phone is no longer a status symbol but in the reach of the ordinary, the introduction and adoption of the mobile phone services are linked to the broader social changes. In fact, the mobile phone has turned from a technological tool to a social tool (Campbell, 2005). From the business aspect, the most significant impact of mobile phone service on China is it revolutionizes the former face-to-face business communication ways accompanying with commercial operations,


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