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Miui Mobile Phone (strategic Planning)

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If you care about the dynamic of the latest mobile phone market in China, you must know that a dark horse-MIUI mobile phones attract more and more people's attention. M1 mobile phone is a high-performance smart phone and it's really economic. It was released in August 2011 which pricing at 1999 Yuan, which is mainly for mobile phone enthusiastic fans. It uses the online sales mode and is the world's first dual-core 1.5 GHz smart phone. The mobile phone's OS was developed by the XIAOMI(the company produce the MIUI) . XIAOMI company's founder- Lei Jun said the current development trend shows that the future of market in China is mobile Internet world. Smart phones and applications meet most users' demand, although they spent a lot of money to buy mobile phones during the past many years. From Nokia, MOTOROLA, Samsung, to the iPhone right now, there are many problems such as bad signal, easy to damage the screen. As senior mobile phone enthusiastic fans, they know only the performance of the hardware and the software can make a good experience for themselves so they pursue the high configuration cell phones. Based on the ideas, MIUI was developed by a group of people who have the ambition to create the cell phone which has the highest quality and the most reasonable price.

Chinese smartphone market overview

Chinese mobile phone industry relies on rapid development of the market. Mobile phone operators also want to innovate in the mobile phone market to get more market share. At this time smart phone came out. HTC, Samsung and Motorola with Android and IPhone with IOS System suddenly occupy the global market. Their performance greatly threaten Nokia's market top share in the Chinese market.

2011 was the year of smartphone in China. iPhones, iPads, Andriod smartphones and tablets became hot search topics on search engines as well as popular topics in people's daily life. Looking back on the year, it seems that after just one night, everyone in China started holding a big screen phone or tablet on the subway, at restaurants, even while waiting for red lights. You can see them almost everywhere (Samantha). The problem is that although all the people want to have a smartphone, the price of smartphone is much higher than the traditional cell phone especially those high performance smartphones and some people can't afford it. Under this circumstance, the MIUI phone was published for those customers who wanted a high performance smartphone with a really low price.

MIUI's problem

In the smartphone sales, we can see that although the amount of sales will rise for a long time, the market would also be really competitive. Some tycoons join the market of smartphone since they find the big potential profit in the market like Google and Microsoft. MIUI


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