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Topshop Strategic Planning

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This is a strategic planning guide for TOPSHOP,

the essay includes meaningful information about TOPSHOP'S Idea statement and SWOT analysis.

The purpose of this written report is to apply the theoretical material and develop a strategic plan for a retail business like topshop.

The project involves stating the business mission, goals, objective, SWOT analysis and development of retail marketing strategy, i.e. retail mix, including location, merchandise, pricing, promotion store design and display and customer service.

This is the sample.

Firstly, TOPMAN and TOPSHOP both have high global brand recognition. Its business originated from London, the United Kingdom, and now its retail stores extend into different parts of the world, including America, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc., and it has more than 309 fashion stores nationwide It is a well-known international retail brand for men's and ladies' fashion. Therefore, TOPSHOP can enjoy a larger degree of economics of scales in production and also promotion. The major production process can specialize in some developing countries which provide low cost labor like China or Cambodia so it can lower the production cost and enjoy the economics scale in production.

Secondly, TOPMAN and TOPSHOP have a strong Research and Development force. The designers designed with more than 7000 looks per season and always promote its latest fashion trend in fashion shows of the fashion week. For example, in 2002, TOPMAN started its first fashion show on the street in Kings Cross to arouse people's interest in its fashionable clothes design, usually fashion shows are in indoors, but TOPMAN made a breakthrough of having a street fashion show, which now outside street runway has already symbolized TOPMAN's fashion and accepted by the general


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