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Mobile Phone Essay

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Mobile phone is one of the fast growing industries. The developments of technology and changes buyer behavior are very unstable. Therefore the product life cycle of mobile phone becomes shorter. The mobile phone need to be delivered to end-user as fast as possible, so its distribution system play important role for the firm's achievement.

In this thesis will answer two questions. Firstly, what are the key factors affecting to success of mobile phone distributor in Vietnam? Secondly, how mobile phone distributors succeed in meeting the manufacturer's requirements?

This research will carry out key cities in Vietnam with random sample method and collect 247 samples. The result show that key factors are:

Factor 1: Product warranty and distributor's brand name in mobile phone sector

Factor 2: Payment and relationship with sales representative

Factor 3: Promotion and delivery services

Factor 4: Sales representative roles and services after sales

Factor 5: Price protection and flexible in changing goods

Although there are some limitations, the findings of research are helpful for understanding distributor business of mobile phone in Vietnam. Hence, there are some critical recommendations that help the distributor sustain and/or maintain their successful business.


a. Problem statement:

Mobile phone business industry is one of products going align with telecom business with high growth rate of development. The mobile phone after launch until consumption needs to reduce the stock keeping time in trade to reduce risks of new technologies, new designs and new models. Distributor play role According to observation and reports in several years, there are development of existing mobile phone distributors and declining of some mobile phone distributors in contrast.

b. Rational of study.



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