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Mobil Us Marketing and Refining Branch

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Mobil US Marketing and Refining Branch

As far as I know, even though the operating results for the quarter are disappointing, but this quarter, we really did a good job. Results of operations is not good

Because the abnormal warm winter reduced natural gas and home heating oil sales. But in the main group in the capacity of households, our market share is on

L, and refining costs have under the array, and the results of employee satisfaction surveys show that employee morale. We have carried out work in various fields

Orderly, we are in the right direction.

Executive Vice President Bob Maiku Er, Mobil US Marketing and Refining Branch (USM & R), being its first quarter 1995

Results of operations of the comments. He said: "This is a tremendous change in the past, I dare say, in spite of this quarter, we did not earn a point.

Money, but I am operating direction is good. "Mobil's US Marketing & Refining Branch

Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia City, Mobil Corporation, has operations in more than 100 countries, it is with Exxon, Shell jointly

Become the world's three largest integrated oil and gas, petrochemical companies. Mobil's 1995 profit to capital employed

12.80 percent, ranking No. 4 at 14 major integrated oil companies. It is from the average shareholder return in 1991 to 1995 in

14 major oil companies in the top, more than 500 of the world's average level of two percentage points. Mobil sales and income information

As Exhibit 1.

Mobil Corporation consists of five main branches: the Exploration and Production Company (upstream business), marketing and refining subsidiaries (downstream

Business), chemical branch, mining branches and real estate offices. Marketing and Refining Branch (M & R) main job is in the 12

20 countries, the refinery processed into fuel oil, lubricating oil, petrochemical raw materials and other products. M & R is also responsible for the Mobil

Product distribution to the distribution of 19,000 service stations in more than 100 countries and other sales channels. In the past five years, annual sales growth

More than 5%.

US Marketing and Refining Branch (USM & R) is America's fifth largest refiner. It operates five refineries modernization, with


Mobil service station chain of more than 7700 sales of approximately 23 million gallons of gasoline per day. This accounted for 7 percent of the entire US market the proportion (Habitat

Fourth place). Guan Fu's retail network is quite concentrated, nearly 95% of the gasoline sold in 18 states, in these areas, Mobil's market share

Up to 21%. Mobil is also the nation's largest oil supplier, with 12% of large parts of the market, the recent growth rate of about 3%.

In 1992, USM & R's refining and marketing business losses occurred in the 13 oil companies, refining and marketing business profits can


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