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Marketing Research - Work Environment Proposal Essay

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This report outlines a research plan for fulfilling the information needs of a small to midsize accounting company. The general purpose is to respond to perceived and identified problems and issues and to suggest appropriate research methods so more information can be provided. It is envisaged that the research will be of a very preliminary nature, with the outcome of delineating further areas for detailed concentration.

Work environment

The general accounting practice is located in Hong Kong, with a revenue of approximately $5 million per year. The practice concentrates mainly on taxation returns, with a small amount of auditing, and ad hoc business advice. At the present time the company is feeling the effects of pressures in the accounting industry for companies of this size.

These developments include increasing consolidation, rising complexity in the legislative environment, increasing need for international alliances, and more complex and productive information technology systems, including the drive for increased efficiency. Clients now need higher levels of service. There seems little future for accounting companies handling simple compliance work.

Identified information needs in this work environment

Although the company does do some audit work accreditation costs are rising. At the same time there's growing expectation from clients of increased business advice which will add value and even improve strategic direction. Technology systems need to be more automated but at the same time more transparent.

Improved technology is also necessary because of the increase in the different types of reporting necessary such as periodic reporting, annual report, director reports, financial statements and so on. Understandably the staff training


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