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Kudler Fine Foods Market Research

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Marketing research

Marketing research is not only used for the purpose of learning, it is also a critical component in the need to make good business decisions. Therefore, marketing research is imperative for Kudler Fine Foods to know what type of products or services would be profitable to introduce in its desired market. Also with regard to the organization’s existing products of the world’s finest foods, good marketing research enables Kudler to know if they have been able to satisfy customer needs and or whether any adjustments need to be made. This enables the company to formulate a viable marketing plan or continue to measure the success of its existing plan.

Kudler Fine Foods

Enlight of having a personal niche for gourmet cooking, Kathy the founder of Kudler Fine Foods found a market for a specialty store that specialized in stockage of the world’s finest and freshest foods. So with a business plan and marketing strategy in tow Kathy has thus far managed to expand her business to three locations. In order to make certain that her brand continues to experience growth it’s imperative that Kathy searches for implementations to improve operation efficiency. This can be accomplished through marketing research which enables Kathy to develop effective tactics and a marketing strategy.

Marketing research is an essential tool of collecting and analyzing information; it’s a significant factor in the success of a business. Marketing research assists in minimizing the risk of business processes and promotes effective communication efforts between the chain and its customers. It also establishes increased opportunities for the organization. Kudler Fine Food is afforded the opportunity through marketing research to gather valuable information about its targeted population’s interest as well as their needs as it pertain to store inventory and specific locations. Utilizing the business regular customer base provides pertinent about the shopping experiences that occur at the business in addition to what efforts could be implemented to make the shopping experience more pleasurable. Practices that directly include the customer base of the organization creates a strong bond with the business, it makes customers aware that they organization genuinely takes their opinions into consideration while also increasing the level of satisfactory customer care.

In expansion efforts of Kudler’s inventory and services, marketing research can help in the initial process of identifying preconceived attitudes about the store’s wishes to expansion efforts. This process can also mold the expansion efforts by bringing to surface from the customers aspect as to what Kudler will need to incorporate to ensure that their expansion efforts are geared to customer demands and satisfaction. References that are brought about through marketing research enables Kudler Fine


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