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Bsa 310 - Critical Information Systems - Kudler Fine Foods

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Critical Information Systems

University of Phoenix

Business Systems


Critical Information Systems

Kudler Fine Foods is a chain of gourmet grocery stores. Currently, there are three locations in the San Diego area. Founded by Kathy Kudler in 1998, the gourmet chain strives to provide customers with carefully selected fresh ingredients, professional service, and all that is needed for upscale cooking. They have a basic information technology system that will need to be upgraded in order to both remain competitive in today's technological age and cause the company to be run more efficiently.

In my review of the current information systems in place at Kudler Fine Foods, the business and accounting sections of the company in dire need of a change. The company needs to upgrade the current system to help out the order processing of the products it provides. The bookkeeping needs to be upgraded to make sure that all accounting paperwork and figures are done correctly and accurately. The company also needs to network the three locations together for easy access enabling them to keep track of all products, needs and access to each store's back office.

The company will need to purchase inventory management software that will keep track of their inventory and have a system alert to tell the company when products are running low. Good inventory management software would be the Fixed Asset Inventory Management and Tracking software that Sage Software (Inventory Management Solution, 2005) offers. This software will allow management to review sales, track trends, and keep inventory at a level so products are always available for customers needs. This software can integrate all three stores and have all orders going to management for final approval. The company can set up the approval to be one individual at each location or one person to oversee the entire inventory for the company as a whole. Consolidating the ordering and inventory processes will allow management more time to focus on the future and growth of the company as well as reduce the number of errors inherent with separate processes'.

The current payroll system in place at Kudler Fine Foods is entirely manual and requires several checks that are open to human error. Even with multiple people scanning and re scanning people's work errors can be made and money can be lost or not accounted for which could mean that they may lose business. Store cash registers should be set up as a time clock, by doing this; employees will be able to use their identification numbers to clock in at the register or on an office computer.


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