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Critical Information Systems: Smith Systems Consulting

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Critical Information Systems: Smith Systems Consulting

When identifying, developing, maintaining, and utilizing information system within an organization, the organization must understand the logical structure and functionality of the organization. During the late 1970's and early 1980's, Blair Smith, along with three other associates, applied the process of the logical structure over logical thought and started Smith Systems Consulting, Inc. They then analyzed the primary functionality and how they can apply this functionality to construct logically their critical information systems. The primary functionality of Smith Systems Consulting, Inc. is to provide innovative, practical, and cutting-edge information technology services, such as the website development to network engineering to software application to their clientele. The clientele of Smith Systems Consulting, Inc. consist of a wide variety of the industries from the transportations to retail to the financial services to manufacturing to education. Based on the final analysis of the primary functionality, one the critical information systems within their organization is the financial and accounting systems. The financial and accounting hardware and security in conjunction with the financial and accounting software application are the key component of ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of information systems within Smith Systems Consulting, Inc.

Hardware and Security

The financial and accounting hardware systems are configure to comply with the companies' security policies and procedures. All of the financial and accounting hardware information systems consist of server and thin client. All critical financial information is retained primarily on the servers, because the thin client desktop computers have no physical hard drive space. (Apollo Group, Inc., 2005)

Smith Systems Consulting, Inc. requires


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