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Marketing Research: Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing Research: Kudler Fine Foods

Amber Nothem


August 23, 2011

Karen Yunker

Kudler Fine Foods is an all natural, preservative free; grocery store is located only in Southern California. Located in the San Diego metropolitan area there are three locations that are available for fresh meat, produce, cheese, wine, and more to the public and community. Kudler Fine Food was founded by Kathy Kudler and opened in1998 with two stores followed by 2000, and 2003. Kudler Fine Food is in the market for expansion and diversification. Kudler has the ability to simply expand and to make their services a success like in the past years.

Marketing Research

Marketing research can be defined as the collection and analysis of information to assist in the decision-making process (Kudler Intranet, 2011). In 2009 and 2010 surveys were conducted to receive data for the company on where Kudler stood in the community and to receive feedback from the customers. Customer service; product knowledge and merchandise value improved in the 2010 survey because of the 2009 survey the year before. Customer service received the highest score for worst on the survey. Acquiring the information from the survey cards has made changing issues for the customers a success. Through current surveys Kudler should keep this market of surveys open to help with the changes and needs of the consumers. Kudler wants to start catering fine foods to people in further parts in California and eventually in different states such as Scottsdale, Arizona, Naples, Florida, and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Carlsbad, California, is a superior area to open a new store chain living so close to the ocean and all of the time shares that tourist buy every year, Carlsbad area will have potential for an all natural market. Who wants to grab a greasy fattening burger during the way to the ocean? A healthy sandwich and some fruit would do a body well instead of the unhealthy food. Only a few grocery stores and other places to eat in the area where the Kudler store would open but nothing offered all natural. Nothing all natural and nothing preservative free. Consumers are becoming more aware of what going in their mouths instead of the typical drive-thru. Gluten free, Carb friendly, Carb free, sugar free, all organic, cage free, range free, and many more names are taking over the market and people are willing to pay a little more to be healthier.

The Asian products Kudler Fine Foods carries is hoping to see the sales highly increase because of the Sushi restaurant right next door to where Kudlers would be built. Or


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