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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research

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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research

Kathy Kudler was I very busy business women that got tired of traveling and on her spare time she did gourmet cooking to relieve her stress. Kathy decided to open a shop and so in six months the first Kudler Fine Foods opened on June 18, 1998. Kathy was doing really good and around 2000 she had her second store open and in one year later Kathy open a third. Kudler Fine Foods carry from Bakery Products, Fresh Produce, Fresh meat & seafood, cheese and wines. They offer classes on wines if anyone is interested in wines.

Importance of Marketing Research

Marketing research systematically collects and analyzes information and then it recommends actions. Marketing research is very important for the success of a business whose main objective is, likely Kudler Fine Foods, to supply products or offer services that everybody likes. When you make business decisions on market research, if you can minimize the risk your business could grow into a big company.

Market research helps businesses like Kudler’s Fine Foods that correspond better with customers by collecting information about their products and service. Customers that come all the time can supply the company with important information on their shopping experience and what would make that shopping experience change for the better. If Kudler’s Fine Foods ask one of their employees to walk around and ask their customers their opinion it would show Kudler’s customers not only they care about what they say, but it would help increase Kudler’s Fine Foods customer service that they provide.

For Kudler’s Fine Foods it would be a great idea for marketing research to find breaks and minimize risk. Before Kudler’s offer a new service they can discover what the inflexible attitudes are about their new service through the process of market research. Market research can help shape Kudler’s new product or service by identifying what they will need and ensure that the progress will be driven towards demand. Standards that market research creates can help Kudler’s calculate its progress. By Kudler’s Fine Foods continuing handling market research they can improve marketing strategies and tactics that will boost sales, and go on to help them furnish their customers with the best food and wines they have. Kudler’s keep using market research it can help them continue to calculate


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