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Marketing Research Paper Kellogg Company

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Marketing Research Paper

Kellogg and New Product Innovation

Managing the Marketing Function

November 8, 2010

Executive Summary

The Kellogg’s Company began over 100 years ago in Battle Creek, Michigan, producing ‘better-for-you’ breakfast foods with a strong focus on nutrition, health, and quality. Today, it has a wide geographical presence, manufacturing in 18 countries around the world and selling products in over 180, still maintaining its headquarters in Battle Creek. The company produces and markets ready-to-eat cereal and convenience foods. While cereal is produced under the Kellogg’s name, the company produces many other products under various brand names which include; Keebler, Cheez-it, Murray, Austin, and Famous Amos. A commitment to nutrition without compromising taste or quality remains at the core of its business philosophy.

The largest market for the company is North America, accounting for 68% of total sales with the European market coming in second at close to 19% of total sales. Kellogg’s expands and adjusts its portfolio to meet the changing needs of its customers worldwide, introducing new products on a routine basis. Market research indicates that consumers demand more convenience as lives become more hectic. This market plan will focus on the introduction of a new cereal product that is easier to take and eat on the go, but just as nutritious and appetizing as one enjoyed at the breakfast table.

The marketing objective is to launch a new product that is desirable in all areas of our existing US market while capturing the attention of new convenience shoppers. Our plan is to increase geographical areas as the initial launch proves successful.



Organization Description ……………….1

Mission Statement 3

Vision Statement 3

Product Details 4

Marketing Goals and Objectives 5

Product Market 5

Market Share 7

Market Trends/Growth 8



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