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Internet Marketing - O2 Phone Network Company

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1. P2- Describe how your two chosen organisations use internet marketing to improve their profitability.

Businesses use marketing to advertise their business and make the organisation popular. Businesses have to use many marketing techniques to increase the sales. Internet marketing is the one of the ways that businesses use to boost the sales and profitability. Coca cola use internet marketing to advertise all the products they have which is drinks. O2 is a phone network company they mainly offer deals on phone. O2 advertises all the deals they have on their website.

Coca cola informs the customers about Coca Cola Company and when did it start and who started it on the website. They also tell the customers why coca cola is one the best organisation in terms of drinks and why there drinks are really good and refreshing. Coca cola has different links on their website where the customers can click and look trough from history of coca cola to all the products they have up to date. This helps coca cola increase their profitability, as they inform the customers about their organisation and what coca cola is all about the get customers interested in their business. After telling about the organisation then they start informing about the products they have, all the flavours they have and how good they taste. As the customer is already attracted to their business they get attracted to their products too and this influences the customer to go and buy the drink.

O2's website is of the very important way of them operating in their business. On the website they are able to advertise more phones in a better way. Most of the customers are likely to go on their website even before they go their shop to buy any product. More phones can be seen by customers online then they are likely to see in store at one visit. Customers can just click on the phone to get details of it. That means they can see the phone, look at in different


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