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Internet Marketing

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In the B2B buy cycle, buyers are in control. They will rely on reviews and they will reach out to ask questions so they can educate themselves even before thinking about making the purchase. They expect fast service, and instant solutions. Sellers need to lay down all the cards because the more information they provide, the higher are the chances that the buyer might decide to purchase.

Understanding the customer’s mindsets and behaviors became extremely necessary. Now even though the consumer purchase decision process is very similar to the buy cycle as far as educating themselves, gathering information and expecting fast and instant solutions, it is much faster than the B2B. On the purchase decision process, the consumer already recognized the need of a solution or a product as opposed to the B2B buy cycle where the consumer could be just entertaining a thought.

Once the consumer recognizes the need, they move to the searching stage, then they evaluate their options, they make the choice and then finalize the purchase. So, the answer is false, they differ from each other when it comes to time.


Content marketing is more than just an informative content such as printed materials left in commercial places. It is about being creative, informative and entertaining at the same time. Now advertising is not about trying to convince consumer but is more like helping them identify their needs with the product or service being offered. (Zahay & Roberts, 2013).

Personally, I still enjoy offline marketing and the persuasive commercials that gets you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to go ahead and make that purchase you’ve always being dying for. But being able to buy without fearing that the product won’t deliver its promise takes the consumer experience to the next level of trust and reliability.


It is hard to come up with a single definition of conversion because conversion could mean getting someone to open an email, getting someone to fill out an application or getting someone to buy your product. We could say that conversion could be getting someone to respond to a call to action or it could


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