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Marketing Objectives of Companies

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Part 3: Marketing Objectives

A. What are the corporate marketing objectives of the company?

Dorel industries has invested in marketing with new advertising, media, and public relations agency partners and a multi-million dollar campaign planned this year to support their portfolio of brand all while maintaining the focus on ROI. This, combined with their focus on developing even stronger retailer partnerships on both the Mass and IBD sides, will produce new initiatives aimed at enhancing consumers' shopping experience. Dorel believes that awareness and education are the keys to helping consumers find the right products to fit their needs. They strive to inform their target audience about features and benefits of their products and its competitive advantage.

B. What are the specific marketing objectives of the product/service under evaluation?

Dorel Industries' products are well-recognized brands that have gained wide consumer acceptance for their high quality, safety and innovative designs that incorporate state-of-the-art features and up-to-date fashion. The Safety 1st segment makes products such as: infant bath tubs & bathing accessories, bed rails, feeding & potty trainers, infant/children's car seats, booster seats, strollers, play yards, high chairs, walkers, bouncers & bassinets, infant health care products, nursery monitors, security gates and other safety aids. Since Dorel is the largest juvenile products distributor in its categories in the world their specific marketing objectives are to continue to promote their product as the safest and most effective. They consistently strive to decrease or remove potential customers' resistance to buying their products. For years Safety 1st has had a tremendous amount of passion for the need to establish themselves as experts. These means being quoted in major trade press, speaking at industry events, and continue to gain more and more recognition. Their measurable and specific objective is to remain dominant in juvenile products and to be introduced and or recognized as established experts in the field of safety.

C. Are the objectives of the marketing plan compatible with the overall marketing objectives of the company and/or business unit?

The objectives of the marketing plan go hand in hand with the overall marketing objectives of the whole organization. Dorel takes the trust that parents and caregivers place in Safety 1st and other brands very seriously. Dorel is fully committed to quality and safety; they spend millions annually in North America and abroad in quality control and to operate world class testing equipment.

Part 4: Market Selection and Target Markets


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