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A Promotional Activity Is Integrated to Achieve Marketing Objectives

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A promotional activity is integrated to achieve marketing objectives

From my view, Vinamit is directing to its main objective that are leading the quality of product. The company always tries to create best quality products by using the high technologies in production although the company can afford high cost. It is quite clearly that the products of Vinamit in Vietnamese market usually are priced higher than the similar others. In fact, that Vinamit is known as the leading brand about dried fruit products also reflected its objective.

To get such success, the promotional activities have been considered as a significant contribution and one of them is Advertising. It is the fact that advertising is the quickest way to introduce new products to customers. It forms the awareness of customers about products by informing about their features and benefits. This will encourage the trial of customers. In addition, advertising also impacts the psychology of buyers and induces them to purchase products. As a result, sales and revenue will increase and the image of the company is widely promoted.

Recommend for each of the two products for two different segments

 Nobody can deny the fact that packaging is one of the most important factors to create the differentiation in brand. Just looking at the packaging, you can easily recognize the specific products of Vinamit; and two new products should be too. Packaging assists powerfully in creating the attraction to customers. The need of buyers is increasing day by day, so they require not only good products, but also beautiful packaging. Packaging will create a good feeling about new products. One of the things which cannot miss in the packaging is the logo of the company. In addition, the weight can fluctuate among 100g, 150g, 210g, 250g and 500g. Then, some required information on package should be paid attention such as Serial


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