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Integrated Marketing Communications

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1.1 Company & Market

Our Dutch Bicycle is an established company in The Netherlands selling bikes and giving repair services to the Dutch Market. The company has now found a new way to expand its business measures through product development. Our product, a high quality bike the UrBc, is intended to be released into the market. As the bike serves as a transportation tool we will be situating our product in the developed Dutch bicycle market under transportation. This market in general has a lot of potential and the market niche we are targeting, the Expats, will serve as a good base. For marketing reasons which will be explained below we will also add the leisure time market to our objectives. With this predefined market taken into account our product will be well situated on points of parity basis and we will be able to research the environmental events that might affect our growth.

1.2 Target group

As mentioned before our main target group is Expats in Holland. These expats we are targeting are mainly professional expats who live and work in the main cities of Holland (Utrecht, Den Haag, Amsterdam etc.). They are here for a temporary period of time and in general come with their partners or family. Therefore we would like to provide them the bicycle as a transportation means to work and a leisure tool for the weekends and holidays. We will base this on offering the benefits that fit their lifestyle of a busy life with need of fun and health. The detailed examination of our target group will be presented in point 2.1.

1.3 Marketing Objectives

The marketing objectives set forth for the upcoming period are mainly based on 3 important targets. We would like to capture 25% of the 170 000 expats living momentarily in Holland. We would also like to increase our brand name to a 50% awareness level within Holland. The last target is to open more retails shops in the main areas to increase the profitability and success chances of our project. In order to achieve these objectives we will efficiently allocate our budget for marketing and communication strategies that will be targeted to capture the Expat segment. In following points the exact division on the budget will be shown that is proven effective. We are also suited with the right amount of products and manufacturing sources to achieve this sales level. We have a capacity to produce 75000 bikes that will cover more than the 25% market share we would like to achieve.

1.4 Marketing Program

1.4.1 Product Strategy &Branding Strategy

The core product offer is a bicycle that’s offers a safe and healthy means to get to work from home and enjoy the free time around the city. It is thus a healthy and fun device to bring a better ease of life to our target group who is mainly busy and working.


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