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Integrated Marketing Communications

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Scenario Two: Xbox One

1. Review of Marketing Plan

Microsoft Inc. is a software company which is good at doing product innovation. Since XBOX 360 and third video game has launched successfully, the company is now going to announce another new product - XBOX One. To sell the new product, we should have well prepared planning for marketing strategy and marketing communication strategy to meet the company objectives.

For XBOX product line, the current targeted markets are developed countries and now there is a potential market in Asia which creates great opportunities for the Microsoft Inc. The characteristics of current customers in U.S., Canada, Australasia, and a few European countries are highly educated that can be able to come up with the high technology products. In addition, the high living standard in developed countries makes targeted customerswilling to pay and enjoy the entertainment from internet services. It shows that families which have high income and enable to use advanced technology are the criteria for using the XBOX.

Changing world makes Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to form favorable potential markets in Asia. With the rapid economic and political development in China, Chinese can enjoy the education service which equivalent to high school level, there are more technology infrastructures provided by government. Especially in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, the living standard and education level are relatively higher than other regions in China. People in these three regions share the same culture so they would probably travel to East Asia such as Hong Kong and Taiwan with business or vocation purpose. Under this situation, people are connecting easily by using the XBOX. We believe the interactions among audience in these regions would speed up the ripening of the vast market in the mainland China.

Microsoft Inc. takes the right product positioning strategy and forms a clear product differentiation to compete with other companies. As there is a keen competition in technology and software industry thus the company has to


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