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Bm 6626 - Advanced Integrated Marketing Communications

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BM6626 Advanced Integrated Marketing Communications

Assessment 1

Individual portfolio

There are three elements to this individual portfolio of work:

Element of portfolio

Portfolio Weighting


  1. Individual learning log


9am Thursday 21 April via StudySpace

  1. Industry Briefing Paper


9am Thursday 21 April via StudySpace

  1. Individual in-class contributions to three  “Experts and Novices” sessions, including a one page summary of your reading


Various: weeks 18, 19, 20 in class

The three elements are described in more detail here:        

  1. Individual learning log (15% of the marks)

You are required to develop  a personal learning log as part of your individual portfolio. This should include 300 words on each of the three guest speaker sessions (i.e., Merlin Stone, weeks 2, 3, and 5; Rob Thurner, weeks 7, 8 and 9 and Ardi Kolah, weeks 10-14). Reflections will be checked against attendance so if you are unable to make a session, please notify in advance (e-mail and explain how you intend to catch up with the content.

A “pro-forma” of the learning log can be found on StudySpace.

  1. The Industry Briefing Paper  (70% of the marks)

This should be in the form of a review of academic literature of one topic chosen from the following:

Managing the agency/client relationship in marketing communications  

Legislative issues in marketing communications

Ethical issues in marketing communications

Your paper should draw upon at least eight academic journal articles.  It should be fully referenced in Harvard style and should aim to provide a critical overview of research which has been carried out in your chosen topic area. In addition, your briefing paper should include examples in the form of at least two case studies. By pulling these sources together you should be able to provide your Marketing Director (see below for choice of companies) with a full, up-to-date picture of what is happening in your chosen topic area and be able to make recommendations.

Your paper should be 2000 words (excluding references and appendices).

  1. In-class contribution to three  “Experts and Novices” sessions (15% of the marks)

During the sessions in weeks  18, 19 and 20 you will focus on one of the three topics above. You should come to the class either as an “Expert” (because this is your chosen topic) or as a “Novice” (because this is NOT your chosen topic). “Experts” should have read at least FOUR academic journal articles about their chosen topic and should have a one page summary of what they have found out so far. This could be in the form of a mind map, a table summarising key points or any other visual representation which could be used to explain your findings to colleagues. References presented in Harvard style MUST be listed. The one page summary will be collected in at the end of the session to be marked and returned to help with the structuring and writing of the industry briefing paper. Novices should have read at least one paper (available on StudySpace) on the topic and should be prepared to ask questions of the expert.


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